Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Totino's pizza success

Day number 3 and going strong! When you buy cheap food, you don't get good quality. Had a frozen burrito for lunch. I think it cost a dollar and now I know why. Pop tarts again for a snack. That was by far my best purchase. Thanks Evan for the idea! Totino's pizza for around $1 was my dinner and it wasn't too bad! It was small and I'm still kinda hungry though. Who else is craving some serious fast food? Or a soda? And I don't even drink soda. Being on this challenge makes you miss food you didn't even know was that important to you. Still upset about my bread purchase by the way...

I'm nervous about tomorrow because I have class from 8-12:15 then meetings until 3. Then I have a test at 5. Probably going to stay on campus until after my exam is over but I'm going to have to figure out what to bring to eat. Probably pop tarts...

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  1. Seriously feeling the same way about the cravings! Pizza, soda, everything really! And none of it stuff I even like to eat regularly.. Probably going to make myself sick with how much food I'll be eating on day 8 when we can again.